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mr brakes winterization

When the winter season is upon you, and threats of looming darkness and frigid winds are gnawing at your mind, you can take comfort in the fact that there is a way to keep your vehicle from experiencing the worst effects of winter. Winterization is the practice of making a vehicle ready and prepared for the onslaught of this tempestuous season. There are several precautions you can take to make your vehicle safer during the winter season, and all the storms and snow that come along with it.

What Can I Do For My Vehicle?

  • Keep an eye on on your fluids: In the winter time, your car relies on the assistance of fluids such as oil, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid, to keep it's internal systems working smoothly and (in the case of the windshield wiper fluid) ensure proper driver visibility. Before winter hits, make sure that you either replace or replenish all these vital fluids by scheduling a lube and oil change, or a cooling system/radiator repair or maintenance.
  • Check your battery: Cold weather can do a number on a vehicle's battery. It can decrease its ability to function, and exacerbate existing problems that come from having low battery fluid or any cracks in the battery. Schedule an inspection or battery replacement before the winter starts, and save yourself a lot of problems down the line!
  • Belt and Hose Maintenance: Belts and hoses can be weakened by the cold temperatures of winter. To avoid this, schedule an inspection or replacement of your belts and hoses today!
  • Snow Tires: The snow can wreck havoc on any vehicle, especially if it is not outfitted with the proper tires for the weather. Check out our tire shop to find the right tires for your vehicle winterization and schedule an installation today!

Mr Brakes Auto Care has everything you need for vehicle winterzation! Visit us today if you are near Roseville, MI, Sterling Heights, MI, Eastpointe, MI, or any of the surrounding areas and let us know how we can assist your vehicle's winterization process!

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